Drafting the perfect wedding package to ensure our bride’s perfect day sure is not an easy task.

I have been sitting with this issue for months now and I seem to keep going back and changing things up as I meet new brides everyday.  IT’S CRAZY!

It’s like every time I meet a new bride something new comes along and the wedding industry and trends changing so frequently sure does not make my task drafting the perfect package any easier.

NOW don’t get me wrong, I love all my brides dearly and I thoroughly enjoy working with each and everyone of you. Some of your demands are out of this world…. BUT I love you!

Anyhow to get back to the subject at hand… I am yet again sitting and changing our venue’s packages (yes seriously).

You see when me and my husband started talking about hosting weddings at our venue, we asked the following question to ourselves: “Why are we going to do this and what exactly do we intend to achieve by this?” AND believe it or not our first answer was not “So that we can make money!” it was actually (and this is the honest truth) “we want to give each and every bride her childhood dream wedding, without breaking the bank”. Yes that’s correct… Our aim is not to make millions within the first year, our aim is to try and give each and every bride the wedding she always dreamed about. The wedding she saw in all those magazines, on television and on social media even if she does not have the hundreds of thousands to do so.

SO yes we are trying to design the perfect most glorious wedding day for each of our brides without her having to fall into debt to do so.

We want to create the most beautiful memories that will last a life time. We believe that if we can achieve that, the millions will come later….

So I am designing a package that will give each and every bride freedom of choice. NO not the perfect package, but sure enough the closest thing to it.

Watch our package tab as the closest thing to the most perfect wedding package will soon be uploaded and brides always know, we are just a phone call or an email away….

Happy planning and much love,

The Team @Bushveldvenue