Grueling Industry

Dear Brides & Grooms… so today we faced a very strange event and we came to realize how grueling this industry can sometimes be. So we from the team @ Bushveld Venue would like to give our opinion on what we have been experiencing and and we would like to speak from our hearts and we hope that most will agree with us…..

Brides and Grooms when you get to a venue and the venue is not exactly what you had in mind or what you are looking for, there is no need to be rude about it. There is no need to make rude and nasty comments. AND there is no need to turn to social media and say hurtful and harmful things.
REMEMBER not every one has the same taste and where you on your viewing saw a raw canvas and might not be able to see the bigger picture keep your fellow b2b’s who is getting married at the venue or who has already gotten married at the venue in mind.
To them the venue is a master piece and noting can compare. To them their wedding day was beyond beautiful. Just because a venue is not to your taste or standard that does not mean that others feel or would or have felt the same way.

SO you are not only damaging a venue’s business reputation, but you are also actually being selfish and disrespectful towards other brides who has,is or is in the process of getting married at a venue.

We at Bushveld Venue do not entertain or get into discussions where our fellow Wedding Venue’s are being put down as we understand what it takes to get where we are and we know how much it will still take everyday to built even higher & better. We believe there is enough for all to go around without stooping to such negativity. Everyone who we had the pleasure to work with will tell you exactly that and that we try our best to give our brides exactly what they want and if we cannot we are honest about it. We do not mislead or lie to our brides. To us its all about our brides & grooms and their special day. If our venue cannot provide you with what you need we know the perfect venue is out there and we will even assist with referrals. That’s how we are and that’s what our hearts are like.

Some venue’s, like our venue is not in a position to have a fully made and draped and set up venue 24/7. Some venue’s like our venue cannot have flower settings 24/7 as we deal with other functions & events as well.

That is why venue’s are setting more stricter viewing dates, because of these types of feedback we see.

So please to those who do however turn to such negative demeanor’s… next time before you go to such extremes remember TASTE DIFFERS, REQUIREMENTS DIFFER AND NOT EVERY VENUE IS FOR EVERY BRIDE. No need to be disrespectful, just move on with your venue hunt and best of luck to you.

We wish you all the best and many years of love and happiness…

Love the team @ Bushveld Venue

PS… all our photos on our facebook & website to market our venue is our own and taken from previous weddings we actually hosted at our venue. There’s nothing misleading or inaccurate about them…